Fat Fattys Unite!

Feb 11

Super Bowl Snack Food Stadium Complete!

My Dreams have become realities.

As expressed in one of my previous entries, here, I had dreams of making a stadium made entirely of snack foods and that the Green Bay Packers would be in the Super Bowl. I was lucky enough to have friends that are just crazy enough and a team just awesome enough to help me turn my dreams into realities. As a Christmas present, Peter agreed to fund this effort. In consideration for my funder and partners I created (with the help of Steph) a presentation to show my plans for the Super Bowl Snack Food Stadium. 

After an intense Wegman’s run, another to Wal-Mart (apparently Wegman’s doesn’t have corn dogs), a Pizza Hut pick-up, box cutting, and the support of Elmwood Dr., the Stadium came to life. It was majestic and delicious. It was in the words of one Peter Gannon, “Something for the ages.” 

I must express my great thanks to everyone who helped conceptualize, fund, create, support, and enjoy the Super Bowl Snack Food Stadium. Not only did you make this dream come true, you let me yell and make a ruckus (i.e. throw cheese balls) while watching one of the best Super Bowls in recent history. 

Go Pack Go! Aaron Rodgers MVP! You know what it is, Green and Yellow!